Singer Goldy (Desi Crew) Latest Hd Images, Pictures And Wallpapers


Singer Goldy (Desi Crew) Latest Hd Images, Pictures And Wallpapers

Birth Name : Goldy Kahlon

Nickname : Goldy ( D e s i C r e w )

Father ‘s Name : Unknown

Mother ‘s Name : Unknown

Date of Birth ( DOB ) : Unknown

Hometown : Amritsar , Punjab India

Birth Place : Amritsar , Punjab India

Nationality : Indian

Profession : Singer , Musician

Goldy Kahlon Biography, Desi Crew , Wikipedia Details , Photos , Birth name , DOB , Profession , Hometown , Contacts , Age , Height , Weight , Girlfriend , Wife , Parents , Bio Data , Education , Net Worth , Social Networks , Hashtag. He is very popular Musician , Lyricist and Singer. Desi Crew is a Popular Band which have the team of two famous Artists from Punjab Music Industry, they are Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi.

Goldy Kahlon was born in Amritsar Punjab, India. His Stage name is ” Goldy “. Instead of Music he can also sing songs.

He started his Music Band named ” Desi Crew ” with his best friend Satpal Malhi in December 2012. He also sing some famous songs are Gulab , Dasi na Mere Baare ( recently released ) , etc. Dasi Na Mere Baare video is directed by Parmish Verma.

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Goldy Kahlon Age, Birthday, Height, Net Worth, Family, Salary, Weight etc..? Find the latest complete information. Goldy Kahlon was born on 9 December , in Amritsar, Punjab, India . He is a Punjabi music director and singer who is well known by the name ‘Desi Crew’ in the Punjabi Music Industry

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