Renu Mondal (Bollywood Singer) Biography, Lifestyle, Birthday, Contact Number, Wikipedia, Address, Height, Songs And Hd Wallpapers


Renu Mondal (Bollywood Singer) Biography, Lifestyle, Birthday, Wikipedia, Address, Height, Songs And More

Real Name – -Ranu Maria Mondal

Birth Date – 5 November 1960

Birth Place – Kartickpara, Krishnanagar, West Bengal, India

Nationality – Indian

Occupation – Singer

Years Active – 2019–present

Favorite Singer – Lata Mangeshkar

Famous For – Teri Meri Kaahani (Happy Hardy and Heer)

Ranu Maria Mondal (born 5 November 1960) is an Indian singer who is currently working in Bollywood. She was discovered by Atindra Chakraborty at Ranaghat Junction railway station and uploaded a viral video of her singing across various platforms. Subsequently, she was also invited to the singing reality show, Superstar Singer where Himesh Reshammiya offered for Mondal to sing for Happy Hardy and Heer,helping her official make her debut as a singer.

Mondal was born to a family in poverty on November 5, 1960 in Kartikpara, a village near Krishnanagar in Nadia district in West Bengal. Her father, Aditya Kumar, was a hawker. Mondal lost her parents in her childhood.

Mondal got married to the late Babul when she was just 19 years old.[2] She has a daughter named Swati, who had left her for ten years She is currently living in Ranaghat, Nadia.

Ranu Mondal Life Before Viral on Social Media.

Most people would know about Ranu Mondal that she used to live by singing at the railway station and begging for misfortune. But this situation of hers was not always like this when Ranu Mandal was 20 years old, she used to sing in the club but her family did not like it, so she had to leave, after the death of her husband, she had to face many problems. In that critical situation, Ranu Mandal’s daughter also left Ranu Mondal. But now when Ranu Mondal’s fate changed, only one of his songs made him a star overnight, now everyone is telling him a relationship.

Previous Life of Ranu Mondal

When the internet sensational Ranu Mondal was discovered by a youngster named Atindra Chakraborty at the Ranaghat railway station nothing was known about her But after the video of Ranu became viral the catastrophic life of her was unfiltered.

Ranu Mondal was born on 5 November 1960. She is a Christian by religion.

She was born in Krishna Nagar, Bengal.

Thus, she was bought up and married by her aunts.

Her husband name was Babul Mondal but he passed away a long time ago.

When she got married to Babul Mondal she moves to live in Mumbai but after the death of her husband she had to move back to West Bengal.

Ranu is a single mother of one daughter who runs a grocery shop in a village. Her daughter has also been divorced in the past.

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