Indian Whatsapp Collage Girls Photos Collection 2020


Indian Whatsapp Girls Photos Collection 2020

He is not so good in expressing his feelings, but his gestures say how much he loves me.

He never opens the cab door for me, but he makes sure that when we are walking on the road, he is at the vehicle side.

He never misses a single cricket match, but when I cook, he makes sure that he stands beside me, and helps in roasting the chapatis, in between checking the scores in his mobile.

He never calls me first, but when he sees a single message/ missed call from my number, he immediately leaves all his work and calls me back to check whether I am OK.

He never call my father as “YOUR FATHER”. He refers him as papa, sometimes, I get confused, whether he is talking about his father or mine!

He never surprises me with sudden visit at my place, but he makes sure that he is never late for a date.

He doesn’t like pineapples, but I love them, so he buys them all the time for me.

He loves non-veg, but he knows I can’t stand the smell, so he never orders non-veg food in a restaurant.

Most importantly, he listens to me and never forces his decisions on me !



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