Indian Tamil Girls Beautiful Photos, Images And Wallpaper 2020


Indian Tamil Girls Beautiful Photos, Images And Wallpaper 2020

A True Story Of Life

My friend got married to a beautiful and educated girl. She seemed very submissive and a family oriented girl with a little bit childishness in her nature.

As soon as my friend laid his eyes on her, he accepted the proposal within 5 mins.

Marriage got fixed. They started talking over phone. The romance started brewing between the two. After a few months, they got married. The girl went to her husband’s working city and they started living after happily.

So far so good?

I met my friend after 8 months. He always used to tell me over the phone that he has something to tell me but he will only tell me once I meet him face to face.

He told me that it’s all over. He is divorcing her. I believed him in a second coz he is not the kind of person who pulls off such jokes. I asked him what happened? I couldn’t believe the ordeal he mentioned to me.

The girl just loved to fight. She will pick up any random topic, think about it for hours and will fight until the end of her breadth of the day. My friend left no stone unturned to not make up with her after each fight. He tried to counsel her that they should not fight for such petty issues. She agreed every time and fought with double force every time.

This made my friend lose his concentration in his work. He started to get scared of the thought of going home after office. The bickering used to continue till 4 am in the morning. Can you believe that? Up till 4 am in the morning you have to fight?

Whoever tried to intervene and sort things out between them had to go through similar insults. Be it his father, mother, sister or friends. No one was able to stand against her.

He asked her to go to her home town and take a break. He told her over the phone that he is filing for divorce. She agreed instantly then thought over it for an hour or so and then said that she is never divorcing him and if he needs a divorce he needs to pay her 25 lakhs and 25000 every month for a lifetime.

I can guarantee you that she was beautiful and educated and I was jealous of my friend when he was getting married.

Now, let me ask you – Do you love and respect your wife now? You do, my friend!


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