Gurnam Bhullar Best Hd Latest Pictures, Background And Wallpaprrs 2020-2021


Gurnam Bhullar Best Hd Latest Pictures, Background And Wallpaprrs 2020-2021

Real Name – Gurnam Bhullar

Nationality – Indian

Date of Birth – 8 February 1995

Birth Place – Village Kamal Wala, Tehsil Fazilka, District Ferozepur, Punjab, India

Education (study) – Graduate

Nationality: Indian

First Debut – Heer Jehiya Kurian (2014)

Gurnam Bhullar Biography and Wiki: Gurnam Bhullar is a well known Punjabi singer from Village Kamal Wala, Tehsil Fazilka, District Ferozepur, Punjab, India, and currently lives in Jalandhar, Punjab. According to sources, his hometown is Tehsil Fazilka, District Ferozepur, Punjab, India. He has one brother and one sister. Gurnam Bhullar is now one of the most popular Punjabi singers and his fan following is also good on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

Gurnam Bhullar has won Awaaz Punjab Di Season 5.[2] His Debut album was Heer Jehiyan Kudian released in 2014. He had started singing from school life and also continue in college stage. He had also participated in reality shows Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Voice of Punjab . He got fame after his release “Rakhli Pyar Nal” in 2016 and “Drivery” in 2017. After that, he sung number of songs and his latest trending Punjabi song is Diamond, which was released on Jan 9, 2018, penned by Vicky Dhaliwal and labeled by Jass Records.

Gurnam Bhullar Top Songs:

Jinna Tera Main Kardi
Rakhli Pyar Nal
Goriyan Naal Gerhe
Kismat Vich machinaan
Sade Aale
Charche Mutyiaran De
Pahunch Gurnam Bhullar
Patta Patta Singhan Da Vairi

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