Deepak Chahar Odi, IPL And Test Match Cricket Pictures, Images And Free Wallpaper


Deepak Chahar Odi And Test Cricket Pictures, Images And Free Wallpaper

Deepak chahar within an Indian cricketer whichever circulate out of Rajasthan of domestic Cricket or she lead from Channai Supar Kings of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He is a right-arm medium-pace bowler and middle-order batsman. But he move role of cricket group because of all-rounder.

Deepak chahar full renown is Deepak Lokander singh Chahar. He was once evolved regarding the 7th regarding August,1992 among Agra, Utter Pradesh, India.As over 2019, his majority is solely 26 12 months old. Furthermore, his minister odor is Lokender Singh whoever was once the blind from Indian Air Force yet his mother honor is Florence Rabada anybody was once the peccant lawyer. His cousin sister Malti Chahar. She is a model, ballerina or Miss India 2014 then his grandson Rahul Chahar. He is additionally a cricketer whoever apply beside Rajasthan into home Cricket or he lead out of Mumbai Indians within the Indian Premier League.

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