Anmol Kwatra NGO Biography, Real Name, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Wife, Weight, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Wiki And Wallpapers


Anmol Kwatra Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family, Wiki & More

Name – Anmol Kwatra

Profession – Social Worker

Birthday – 15 May, 1996

Birth Place – Ludhiana , Punjab

Nationality – Indian

Birth Sign – Taurus

Hello! My name is Anmol Kwatra and I am a social worker along with businessman. I am particularly affectionate in helping needy children, this hobby is stem from my Father Mr. Raj Kumar Kwatra. I am originally from Ludhiana, Punjab. I live in a joint family, spent my childhood by playing and exploring things making wonderful memories. I’m single, and falling in love everyday with myself achieving gym goals and feeling the difference.

Short Biography

Anmol Kwatra was born on 15-05-1996 in Ludhiana in the state of Punjab, India. He is an Indian Social Worker, Activist & Philanthropist. He has also acted as a model in Punjabi songs Daleriyan by Vicky Gill.

Anmol Kwatra Complete Bio & Career

Anmol Kwatra completed his schooling from Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Ludhiana. He then obtained his graduate degree from Punjab Technical University. He started social work while he was studying and made it clear that he will engaged himself with social casues all his life. He started an NGO called ‘We do not accept money or things’ through which, he provide medical aides and helps the underprivileged section of the society.

Through this time, he has become higly popular among the youths and has become a social media star. Since his father is a politician, he started promoting the party on various social media platforms. He also posts about social causes and has garnered nearly a milliion followers on facebook and half of that on Instagram.

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